Fabric Dryer Machines
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Special Dryers For Digital And Rotational Printing Machines

The machine is designed to provide up to 50% of the fabric to feed.

The drying cabin starts after the entry unit. Cabin lengths are 2000 mm. Each cabinet has one high efficiency radial circulation fan. The fans are specially designed according to the needs of the cabins. The installed electric power is very low. The air ducts and the nozzle are arranged in such a way as to effect shrinkage by providing sinusoidal fabric movement. The arrangement of the cabins is a diagonal so as not to make color difference on the fabric.

Insulation thickness: cover and body 100 mm. Double stranded fiber holders are used. Heat-resistant stainless steel is produced. Filters can be removed and cleaned one by one while the machine is running. The doors are magnetized and the doors are easy and fast to open. The temperature control units of the cabins are independent and the temperature of each cabin can be adjusted separately.

Next to drying chambers, an exit unit which has wooden climbing conveyor and platier mechanisms, is localized. This makes the fabric cooler and get it climb to enough high for plaiter and plates it to trolleys without tension.

To exhale the humidity of dryer, an exhaust fan and collecting ducts are localized upstairs of dryer which can collect from each chambers the humidity. The stainless steel filters are localized at the beginning of exhaust channels for each chamber.

The ducts after fan are under the responsibility of client.

Fabric Dryer machine